It’s a phenomenon, you’re getting married at a hotel, every detail worked out to the nines, everything is perfect, that is until the Jonas Brother show up… Suddenly there’s thousands of screaming J-Bro fans crashing your wedding, your special day is kaput.

The Brothers spoke to Conan O’Brien, “We’ve had a couple instances where there’s been weddings going on during the time we were at the hotel, we’ve had brides like, ‘You’ve ruined my wedding.’ There’s 100 to 1200 fans who show up, and the bride, her wedding was just ruined, just screaming fans the whole time. We’ve actually sent apology gifts to the bride and the groom.”


There may be no practical way to prevent the Jonas Brothers from showing up at your wedding, unannounced, so your best bet may be to get married at Motel 6.