No Doubt did a mini concert on the Today Show this morning and Gwen was in her old pop form bouncing around on stage with the hottie band members behind her. Every rock girl’s dream! I am not sure what the deal was but her microphone volume was way down so you couldn’t hear her very well. Now, I love Gwen and the whole No Doubt era. Who doesn’t? The problem with it is she was never all that great live- vocally. She’s a great performer. She gets a few good notes in but her songs always sounded out of breathe in concert. I see the same thing with Katy Perry and various other artists. I’m not a singer and I can imagine how difficult it is to jump around the stage, be a great performer, have great songs AND always sound like the album. It’s probably next to impossible. All in all, it’s nice to see No Doubt again and they were a nice addition to the Today Show- even if you could barely hear her. Pump up the volume TODAY SHOW!!