Bieber Bud ‘Tyler the Creator’ DENIED Entry Into New Zealand!

Odd Future, whose lead rapper is Justin Bieber’s buddy, Tyler the Creator, has been banned from New Zealand because they were viewed as a terrorist threat!

odd future tyler Bieber Bud Tyler the Creator DENIED Entry Into New Zealand!

News outlets in NZ are reporting;

Odd Future was to play at Rapture 2014 in Auckland – a concert in which Eminem is the headline act.
Immigration New Zealand said the band has incited violence in the past, including a riot in which a police officer had to be hospitalized. Continue reading


Some are calling Eminem‘s new song the best rap ever, but we’re calling it homophobic. What else could the take away be with lines like, “break a table over the backs of a few faggots..” ??? Even with dubious lyrics, the track is still being touted by major press outlets as the next biggest thing since sliced hatred.. The video was recently featured on TIME and they dubbed the track “DIVINELY immortal!” Really? We say, Divinely hateful..

eminem horns 650 430 Eminem BEST RAP Song EVER OR HOMOPHOBIC RANT? RAP GOD

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Check out Eminem’s hottie daughter, Hailee Mathers! And her not so hot prom king date.. The famous daughter won Homecoming Queen reports MTO.

Hibipsq Meet Eminems INCREDIBLY CUTE Daughter Who Is Also HOMECOMING QUEEN!
Fellow students and faculty voted her Queen.. No doubt hoping for Eminem would be indebted to provide music for the prom.

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EMINEM Crazy Halftime Show Appearance

Either Eminem was high on drugs or he should have been high on drugs. 8 Mile himself, appearing with Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit LIVE on the halftime show – seemingly high – or maybe, just maybe, revealing to the world he is not only inept at live TV, but also painfully human..

eminem weird football EMINEM Crazy Halftime Show Appearance

EM showed up during halftime of Saturday night’s Michigan-Notre Dame game to promote his new album, “The Marshall Mathers LP 2,” but, by the looks of this clip, he may have done more harm to his rep, than good..

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Eminem just pulled a Beyonce by not only forbidding the BBC from broadcasting his headline performance at the Reading Festival, but also for reportedly lip syncing the entire show.. A process the Brits call, “miming.”Eminem Eminem BLASTED After REFUSING To Be Filmed! LIP SYNCING? Continue reading

Audio: Eminem’s New Album “Recovery” is Real and Honest

My generation has grown up with rapper Eminem, and I think he always deserves a chance to be heard, even if you aren’t listening to him as much now. I think his new album “Recovery” sounds really honest, unique, real and even funny. You can tell that he isn’t censoring anything that may have been censored in the past. The lyrics are really creative, especially how they intertwine so intricately with the beats. I … Continue Reading Post

Eminem Brother Blows… 0.16

Eminem’s younger brother is accused of failing to pull over for an ambulance and subsequently failing a sobriety test, but he did not fail getting pulled over by cops and did not fail a sobriety test, blowing a 0.16, twice the legal limit.

Nathan Mathers, 23, the younger brother of rap sensation, Eminem, has most likely already appeared at the district court in Shelby Township, Mich. However, further details are not yet available.… Continue Reading Post

Thanks Eminem for becoming an instant novelty

eminem gun bang Thanks Eminem for becoming an instant novelty

I just read that MTV Movie Awards writer Scott  Aukerman confirmed that the Bruno/Eminem teabagging at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday was staged. They actually rehearsed it.Go figure.

“Yes, the Bruno/Eminem incident was staged,” he wrote. “That’s all anyone wants to talk about, so lets get it out of the way ¦ They rehearsed it at dress and yes, it went as far as it did on the live show then.”

It’s also reported … Continue Reading Post

Eminem has the number one record in the country

eminem 300x300 2008 10 09 Eminem has the number one record in the country

Eminem is tough.

If you talk some smack about Nick Cannon’s wife or Kim Kardashian, you will sell 608,000 records in one week. That was at least one of the controversial techniques Eminem used in promoting his new record “Relapse”. The first new release from the multiplatinum rapper in 4 years successfully knocked Green Day out of the top position and cemented his place at the top of the charts. Bad publicity is still publicity … Continue Reading Post