• Truly saddened

    This story is not told correctly. The mother ran out of the store and told a deputy “someone stole my car with my 6 yo in it’ and they both saw the car driving away. The deputy called it in rather than giving chase. This is the difference between life and death. The media has it wrong and needs to listen to the 911 recordings (as I have for the truth) and change the untruths in this story.

  • Asian dude

    Those 3 THUGS should be put to death for this capital murder of innocent child. If those 3 THUGS didn’t exist, the child would’ve been alive. So, stop blaming the mother already and blame the THUGS.

  • elizabeth schwendeman

    All three of the “teens” should be put in jail for at least for life…..they are damaged goods and will never ever contribute positively to society…they will only kill again……Imagine a 6 year old boy????????

  • lifesaver1

    The mother was inside that store for an hour and fifteen minutes according to police time line that has been released and published publicly. THEN she delayed relaying info regarding the child being in the vehicle?. She’s about as worthless as the three who seemingly are responsible for the little one’s death.

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