• Christopher Madden

    John Taurus – why don’t you take your anti-semitism and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine, you miserable excuse for a human being? The perp’s photo is all over the news today so you can stop jerking off.

  • John Taurus

    Thank God you folks followed proper protocol and did not publish a picture of the murderer. If you had, then people would know he was a BLACK MAN who attacked and murdered a non-Black. We can’t have people knowing when Blacks do things like this and you did an excellent job of concealing this fact.. The rare White perp’s photo is to be front page news all over the Jewnited States but Black perps are hidden and the story seldom makes it outside the area where the crime occured. Keep up the political correctness and deceit. Nothing like FALSE NEWS…..or at the very least, misleading to herd the sheeple into the pens of slaughter.

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