Pokemon Go Players Plagued With Glitches! So When Will The Bugs Be Fixed?

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Since last week, Pokemon Go players have been subjected to constant bugs, but now a new update for the game promised to fix some of the issues. But did it work? Most say “no.”

The update, which itself indicated it provided “minor text fixes,” appears to have fixed a minor error related to text. The addressed error message appears after catching Magikarps. The bottom line is, none of the game’s major problems appear to have been addressed by this update.

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This three footstep bug, of course, is an issue players have been having for days whereby the “nearby” tracker is broken and displays every Pokemon as being three steps away, regardless of where it actually is. This has been an enormous problem that makes it nearly impossible to hunt Pokemon, to the point that many gamers have completely given up on doing so until a solution arises. At the moment, there is no workaround, and so fans merely have to wait until the game’s developer, Niantic, does something.

For the discerning Pokémon trainer, not all battery packs are made equally.

So when this update came out, the majority of users assumed it would be a fix for one of these game-breaking issues, but the glitches remain. Not only that, but the update caused the servers to crash.

Fans on Reddit and Twitter immediately expressed their disappointment upon downloading the update. One Reddit user wrote, “I’m actually impressed. Each update has made this app even worse.”

In general, the community is increasingly feeling that Niantic does not care about their feedback. The developer remains largely silent on all of the bugs being reported, never really addressing that problems exist at all. After the release of this new update, one Reddit user posted, “I hope they fixed the bug that makes their entire company ignore its community.”

All of these issues are to be expected, though, considering Pokemon Go has become a phenomenon unlike anything Niantic was prepared for. Within the first week, the game had already attracted 21 million daily active users, making it the most popular mobile game ever released in the United States. h/t theheavy

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Let’s hope Niantic is working on an update that solves these various glitches! The game needs to be more user-friendly.




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