TMZ: Prince Could Not Control Cocaine Habit

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Reports surfacing today gleaned from newly released records by the Carver County Sheriff’s Dept., indicate that late musician Prince, may have had an ongoing problem with cocaine.

According to the records, an urgent call was placed to police warning of that the singer could not “control his cocaine habit.” Prince was rumored to have not sleptĀ for at least 4 or 5 days before his death.

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The caller said Prince had told her the year before in Germany that he “cannot control his habit.” Someone made an urgent call to the Carver County Sheriff’s Dept. asking for help, because “the caller is concerned about Prince’s cocaine habits.” The call came in June 20, 2011 … this according to records just released by the Sheriff’s Dept. According to records, the caller said Prince had told her the year before in Germany that he “cannot control his habit.” Sheriff’s personnel discussed the matter after the caller hung up, and then called the woman back. They told her the information was stale since it was a year old and since there was no proof Prince was in immediate danger they closed the case. There’s another record of an emergency call in the just released docs. In October 2013, a call came in for a 53-year-old male who was “dehydrated.” He was transported to a medical center. h/t tmz

On another note, the records also revealed that someone called April 21st, just after the singer died, saying she has a 17-year-old son who was fathered by Prince and she wanted him to attend the prince dead


This is a developing story.


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