Nia Guzman Hubby To Chris Brown: Watch Your Step Fella!

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It’s no secret, Chris Brown has a temper and now that temper is preceding him in life as Nia Guzman, his newly revealed baby mama, is issuing the singer a stern warning via her ex-husband, Terry Amey, “watch your temper around our family, or we’ve got a problem.”

Avery, who has a 13 year-old daughter with Guzman, says he’s officially letting Brown know he means business. Avery was married to Guzman from 2003 to 2014.

Nia Guzman


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Terry says he and Nia were separated when she got knocked up … but since Avery knew it wasn’t his kid, he finally filed for divorce. He claims he had no idea the baby belonged to C.B. Avery says he’s aware of Chris’ notorious temper and says he better not lose it around Nia and the kids, or there will be repercussions. h/t tmz

Avery was not more specific about what that means, but its clearly a threat.


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