February 21, 2013

Oscar Doppelgängers!

First you need to check out TheCount.com’ list of all the Oscar noms! Then check out this list of their animal friend Doppelgängers!

Bradley Cooper Sloth Oscar Doppelgängers!lennifer lawrence pet Oscar Doppelgängers!


Daniel Day Lewis Preying Mantis Oscar Doppelgängers!Amy Adams Bengal Cat Oscar Doppelgängers!tommy lee jones grumpy cat Oscar Doppelgängers!Anne Hathaway Ostrich Oscar Doppelgängers!Alan Arkin Sphinx Cat Oscar Doppelgängers!Helen Hunt Kangaroo Oscar Doppelgängers! Emmanuelle Riva Turtle Oscar Doppelgängers!Christoph Waltz Dog Oscar Doppelgängers! Joaquin Phoenix Bear Oscar Doppelgängers! Jackie Weaver Penguin Oscar Doppelgängers! Hugh Jackman Deer Oscar Doppelgängers! Robert De Niro Goat Oscar Doppelgängers!Sally Field Yorkie Oscar Doppelgängers!Philip Seymour Hoffman Fluffy Chicken Oscar Doppelgängers!


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