January 3, 2013

Is it a fact the Second Amendment was created to protect US against the government?

Firstly I’m not trying to say gun control is good or bad or anything like that. All I’m doing is going Oliver Stone on your ass, illustrating the fact that the Second Amendment: A citizens right to bear arms, was actually created as a provision to protect people against a tyrannical government.


So is it any wonder that we see report after report of government agencies stock piling weapons and ammunition as they try to demonize us owning such defense mechanisms?It’s pretty clear to see that somebody is protecting somebody’s own house.


Sure celebrities will tell you that guns are bad and I have my own feeling about them, I don’t have one, but the bottom line is, we all need to see-thru the smoke and mirrors behind these newly proposed regulations and bans.


Think about it, if they really wanted gun control, they would control the price of ammunition. Plain and simple.

Just my thought provoker of the day…

By the way, here is the rarely reported official take on the Second Amendment Quote on the right to arms.

“The concept postulates that the Second Amendment was intended to provide the means by which the people, as a last resort, could rise in armed revolt against tyrannical authorities.”

Very interested in your thoughts.

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