Anti Doping Agency Public Push To Pressure Lance Armstrong Into Cooperating

Lance Armstrong faces a Wednesday deadline in which to decide whether to meet with U.S. Anti-Doping Agency officials or not… If he does’t answer the agency, they say, he will never be consider reentry into the sport of cycling.


The “Talk” would place the discraced cyclist under oath to blab about what he knows re performance-enhancing drug use in the sport.

The agency has said cooperation in its cleanup effort is the only path open to Armstrong if his lifetime ban from sports is to be reduced but anything he revealed can and will be used against him, as usual. So where’s the favor?

His attorney, Tim Herman, previously suggested his client wouldn’t meet with USADA before the agency’s original Feb. 6 deadline. The sides then agreed to give Armstrong another two weeks to work out an interview with investigators.

Armstrong previously denied using performance-enhancing drugs, but in last month’s television interview with Oprah Winfrey he finally admitted doping to win the Tour de France seven times. UsaToday.

Spencer Pratt nixed from reality show?

Spencer Pratt’s sure-to-be-horrible run on the new reality show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Outta Here! might have hit a big bump in the road., via Pratt’s Twitter, reports that Pratt has been informed that doctors think he has “low blood platelets”.

I’m not really sure what that means but if it gets Spencer Pratt off my television then I am thankful for it.  If Pratt does head to the jungles of Costa Rica for the new show, he’ll be alongside K-Fed, Stephen Baldwin and, of course, his wife, Heidi.