Ghostly Image Of Woman’s Grandpa Shows Up In Baby’s Sonogram

A woman is claiming an ultrasound image of her unborn child contained a ghostly image of her deceased grandfather.

After a doctor’s visit, Jade Hornsby obtained a 4D sonogram scan of her baby girl, and on closer inspection, she saw an image of who she believes is her late grandfather, Jack, who passed in 2007. Jack appears to be kissing her daughter on the cheek.

Jade Hornsby sonogram baby grandfather

“It’s really spooky. It looks just like him, and you can see him more clearly than my daughter,” Hornsby told the Metro news. Continue reading


Our friends over at the semi-reliable MTO, are reporting that this is in-fact the sonogram of singer, Rihanna.

In the photo, a baby is depicted cradled in a womb, which is said to be that of the name listed, FENTY, R., Rihanna’s god given name.

Rihanna sonogram

From MTO, “A few wekes [sic] ago that a ROCK SOLID SNITCH told us that Rihanna was pregnant. Well today . . .in our INBOX popped a pic – allegedly showing Rihanna’s first sonnogram [sic].

The baby is said to be 9 weeks along.