SMOKEY AND THE BANKRUPT: Burt Reynolds BROKE Auctioning Off Awards

Burt Reynolds is broke and auctioning off over 600 of his most prized possessions, including a Golden Globes trophy.

Due to poor business decisions, the fire sale will put a slew of the movie star’s personal items under the gavel, including artwork, signed photographs and even the red jacket Reynolds, now 78, donned in Smokey and the Bandit II.


In a foreword in the catalogue, the Deliverance star says: “I’ve collected so many things that I truly adore but at this stage in my life I find it very difficult to manage them all.

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Burt Reynolds In Intensive Care Unit

Authorities warned us this flu season was among the worst ever on record and celebrities are no exception to its ravages. Representatives of Burt Reynolds are downplaying the actor’s illness saying he simply has the flu and is suffering from dehydration, however how many of us end up in an intensive care unit with the flu?

Burt Reynolds is being treated in the intensive care unit at a Florida hospital … after coming down with a nasty case of the flu … TMZ has learned.

According to Burt’s rep … Burt, like everyone else in the country, caught that nasty flu bug that’s been going around … and was coping with the symptoms for several days.

But the symptoms got worse, and Burt was admitted to the hospital. The rep tells us Burt was moved to the ICU earlier today after doctors determined he was “severely dehydrated.” source

We wish Burt a speedy recovery