Shocking news coming from Goonieville as Corey Feldman, everyone’s favorite Lost Boy is absolutely flat broke and about to be homeless! The revelation came after Feldman’s landlord filed legal docs claiming the actor owes him a bundle, and when I say bundle, I mean over $10Gs!!! And now the landlord wants the actor out of the house ASAP and he’s also trying to claim damages, which probably means the Valley slum lord is intending to keep Corey’s security deposit..corey feldman

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Selena Gomez DEMORALIZES Justin Bieber Denies Him Access To Neighborhood!

IT’S REALLY OVER: Selena Gomez is serious this time about calling it quits with Justin Bieber! Meanwhile, Bieber is making every mistake in the book, at least when it comes to relationships, playing into Selena’s hand like a little puppy dog.

Earlier we reported that Selena and Justin’s dinner date went seriously wrong with Princess leaving just a mere 10 minutes into the affair.

Well Bieber couldn’t leave well enough alone as he stupidly followed Selena home (they both took separate cars) and when Selena got to her neighborhood — she denied Bieber access — telling the security gate personal, Justin was not welcome… Good move girlfriend… Wow Bieber, this kid is in deep…


Amanda Bynes may have her driver license suspended but that is not stopping her from holding up a middle finger to law enforcement and driving right by… I think someone should call Amanda’s dad and warn him that his daughter is about to kill herself with crack. Some say Amanda was caught coughing on some pot, but the pap who snapped the pics says he smelt the odor of burning chemicals…

If you do not believe him pops, just ask her friends! who are quietly saying that the actress is losing her mind, talking to inanimate objects for hours at a time. Folks who share a gym with Bynes say, while on the treadmill, Amanda will suddenly stop running – and start laughing uncontrollably…

Bynes pictured last night driving on a suspended license…

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Pamela Bach Loves To Drink And Drive

David Hasselhoff’s ex-wife Pamela Bach is facing felony DUI charges after she was arrested last night. An LAPD spokesperson tells that Pamela caused a chain reaction accident that resulted in several people suffering minor injuries around 9pm in the San Fernando Valley. Pam was booked on felony charges because the accident resulted in injuries. She was released on $100,000 bail.

Linda Hogan and Pam need to go hang out and buy cougar neon outfits together.