NBA Star Rex Chapman Arrested Shoplifting $14K From Apple Store

It’s safe to say that Former star NBA guard Rex Chapman has gone through his vast NBA fortune after he was arrested for shoplifting $14,000 of merchandise from an Apple store in Scottsdale.

Chapman later sold the items at a local pawn shop.

Rex Chapman 4

Chapman, 46, was taken into custody Friday afternoon after officers stopped his vehicle in northeast Scottsdale. Continue reading

Explosion at Nestlé Purina Plant Flagstaff Injures Four

An explosion at the Nestlé Purina plant in Flagstaff, Arizona, has injured four workers.

The plant, which employs about 250 workers and produces 1,000 tons of dry dog and cat food a day, experienced a grain-dust explosion Sunday evening.

Nestlé Purina plant in Flagstaff

Four contractors were doing welding work on the fifth floor of the plant, which is about 5 miles northeast of downtown Flagstaff, when dust produced during the food-making process ignited, according to Flagstaff Fire Department Capt. Bill Morse. Continue reading

Entire Website Dedicated To Jodi Arias INNOCENT?

Talk about a waste of bandwidth, this moron built an entire website on the fact he thinks Jodi Arias is innocent… Now the ridiculous part of this equation is, Jody Arias already admitted to killing Travis Alexander! So how can she ever be innocent? Right…


The website bills itself as the number one Jodi Arias support site in the world and even allegedly allows folks to contact Jodi…


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