Beyonce Jay Z Concert Goers OUTRAGED Over $60 PARKING FEE

Beyonce and Jay Z concert-goers were shocked Friday evening after getting asked to pony up $60 to $80 dollars to park.

Fans, who had already paid $400 dollars or more for a single concert ticket voiced their collective outrage over the exorbitant extra fee.

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“It’s ridiculous,” said one woman as she handed $60 to a parking lot attendant.

“And we just paid $400 for the tickets,” Continue reading

Trendy Brentwood CA Introduces 1 MINUTE PARKING

Talk about life in the fast lane! Welcome to parking in the fastlane! If you park in trendy Brentwood Ca., you had better think quick
because the posh neighborhood is taking parking restrictions to a whole new level.

Introducing “1 Minute Parking” — Seriously.


Near the 11700 block of San Vicente Boulevard tight parking restrictions have been put in place, yes that was just an understatement. Continue reading