Pittsburgh Steelers Cruise Rescues Raft Full Of Refugees In Gulf Of Mexico

Passengers of The Legends of Pittsburgh Cruise turned heroes after saving a homemade raft full of people floating in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.

Pittsburgh Steelers player James Harrison, who was on board the craft, uploaded photos of the dramatic rescue of the 16 refugees.

Legends of Pittsburgh Cruise rescue

The cruise started in Miami headed to Cozumel and Harrison’s joined by teammate Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Pirate Manny Sanguillen and Penguin Francois Leroux just to name a few. h/t tmz Continue reading

Homeless Piano Player To Play National Anthem At MNF

Talk about your luck turning around for the better! The homeless man who went viral after a couple videoed him playing piano, is set to play the National Anthem at tonight’s Monday Night Football game!

Donald (Boone) Gould, 51, was down and out and living on the street when suddenly everything changed, he got cleaned up, went to rehab and now he’ll perform the nation’s song at Levi’s Stadium kicking off the game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Minnesota Vikings!

Donald boone Gould 2

Gould, a former Marine, lost wife 17 years ago and struggled ever since, Continue reading