Royals Clubhouse ON EDGE After TWO Players Diagnosed With Chickenpox

Kansas City Royals’ Outfielder Alex Rios and All-Star Reliever Kelvin Herrera have both been diagnosed with adult chicken pox.

The pox virus, which is considered to be extremely contagious, can go undetected days before a rash appears.

herrera rios combo

The Royals said the two players could be out for at least two weeks. Continue reading

MAJOR LEAGUE SHAMEFUL: Twins Torii Hunter Throws Major Hissy Fit Over Strike Out

Minnesota Twins outfielder Torii Hunter was tossed after an epic rant with the home plate umpire who has just called him out on strikes. After being ejected for confronting the ump, Hunter 39, confronted several other officials during the outburst, including his own coach, Paul Molitor.

The sad display occurred while the Twins were playing the Kansas City Royals on Wednesday night.

Torii Hunter losses  his mind

Twins coach Paul Molitor trotted over to Hunter’s defense, but he continued, tossing his helmet and the rest of his protective gear on to the field, followed by his jersey. Continue reading

Waiter Gets World Series Ticket As Tip At Rock & Brews

A food server at a Jefferson County, Kansas, restaurant received an incredible tip, one ticket to Game 1 of the World Series on Tuesday night.

The lucky “Rock & Brews” waiter received the prized ticket from the wife of Kansas City Royals pitcher Wade Davis. The circumstances of the exchange were not outlined.

Waiter Gets World Series Ticket As Tip At Rock & Brews

A restaurant employee told KMBC that the server was very excited about the ticket and rushed into the office to ask for the night off. Continue reading