Miley Cyrus Forgot One Little Thing At Rock Hall Of Fame: SHAVE

While Miley Cyrus was concentrating of freeing her lady bits at this year’s Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, she left one little detail intact, a nest of underarm hair!

Miley was being Miley when she raised her arms in a two-handed one finger salute, and that’s when she released the hounds, in the form of a gnarly mound of duplex pit mess.

miley cyrus armpit hair rock and roll hall of fame

News is just breaking today that Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger have called it quits, gosh we can’t imagine what drove them apart! Let’s hope the singer at least wears deodorant!

miley cyrus armpit hair rock and roll hall of fame jett

‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Support Obama Campaign

The band “The Red Hot Chili Peppers” is set to play a free concert for Obama ‘phone bank’ volunteers Sunday, since the band will already be in Cleveland, Ohio Saturday, as they are being inducted into the “Rock and Roll Hall-of-Fame”.

The ‘Obama and Biden’ Democratic team, decided to bride phonebank volunteers with a free RHCP concert, and in return, the campaign is getting phonecalls made out to ‘neighbors to prepare for the Obama-Biden upcoming canvass launch’.

On Obama’s campaign site, the event’s page shows that the volunteer spots are all filled, which means the RHCP concert is going to be packed.

The free concert takes place at Cleveland’s “House of Blues”.

Miley Cyrus Chille Concert Wardrobe Mishap

Is Miley taking fashion advice from Cher? or is itCarman Electra? either way it’s totally tight and over the top! Yay?  okay maybe yawn.

Miley has had some issues finding her druthers this tour around making strange wardrobe and song choices like just the other night when she performing Nervina’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

What do you think, do you like the dress/ leotard?