Real Life Castaways Spell HELP With Palm Leaves Get Rescued

Three real-life castaways are alive and in good health after their three-hour boat tour went very wrong. The men ended up stranded on a small deserted island for days.

The men were rescued after near by aircraft spotted “HELP” spelled with palm leaves in the sand of the tiny island. The men also waved orange life jackets in a successful effort to catch the attention of a U.S. Navy rescue plane.

Castaways Spell HELP With Palm Leaves

The men had set off for a small island in Micronesia to catch a plane, but never made it. Late at night, their boat was taken out by a big wave and sunk in the middle of the ocean. Continue reading

Open Invite: Hang w/ Lisa Mason Lee at ‘Paintball Indiana’ For A Good Cause!

I would like to invite YOU to have some good old fashioned fun this Sunday at Paintball Indiana in Martinsville, IN.

MyIndyTV-23 has teamed up with Paintball Indiana for the event, to give every guest a special rate to play, plus the entire event’s proceeds will be helping a good cause- the “Easter Seals Crossroads” Charity.
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Prayer for Ocean Oil Spill

Let’s all take a moment to wish positive thoughts, hope and white holy light to every creature and every person who is suffering in this terrible crude oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Think positive thoughts to the people whose businesses will be effected for the worse…the wildlife that will be sick and/or die…the complete tragedy of the ocean. Let’s pray for help and relief.

Shame on the people who drill in the oceans!