Justin Ross Harris, the father of a Georgia toddler who was left in a hot SUV and subsequently died, previously did an online search on pets dying in overheated vehicles.

Harris faces charges of murder and second-degree child cruelty in the death of his darling 22-month-old son, Cooper.

cooper harris Justin Ross Harris

Search warrants released Saturday by Cobb County Police Department say Harris told police that he researched what temperature can cause a child’s death in a car. Continue reading

Las Vegas Shootout Suspect Caught In North Hollywood ((mug shot))

Ammar Harris was arrested Thursday by a team of police and federal agents in North Hollywood, Ca. Take a look at this guy’s rap sheet, what was he doing on street on the first place? He’s been terrorizing people for years, convicted of using force, robbery, sexual assault and kidnapping… And now he stands accused of killing a talented up-and-coming rapper and two others on a busy Las Vegas street.

Ammar Harris

Harris is accused in a Las Vegas strip attack that killed rapper Kenny Clutch and two other people in a taxi.

Harris, 26, was considered, according to police, “absolutely armed and dangerous,” was aprehended without incident.

Ammar Harris

Reports say an argument between Harris and Clutch, 27, whose legal name was Kenneth Cherry Jr., started at the valet of a Las Vegas hotel. Sometime later Harris fired several rounds into the Maserati killing Clutch.

He is being held without bail.

Hugh Hefner Back On The Crystal

Are you kidding me? Hugh Hefner is engaged to Crystal Harris – again? Fact check: back in June 2011 Crystal Harris totally bailed on the wedding! And now these two characters are trying to tempt fate again?

I think it’s a fair summation Crystal went off on her merry little way, sewing some oats and then suddenly realized that she made a huge mistake leaving Hef! You got a second chance girlfriend don’t blow it this time!

For some strange reason I actually like Hefner and whatever makes him happy makes me happy and honestly who wouldn’t Crystal make happy?

Good luck!

The Golddigger is Back at The Playboy Mansion!

Oh no! Hugh Hefner has lost his mind! Not really, he doesn’t have Alzheimers or anything, but you’d think he does, now that he’s back with that girlfriend Crystal Harris.

Harris, being all of 26-years-old, and Hef at 86-years-old, must have re-thought her questionable bank account future all this time she’s been away from Hef and dating other dudes. But what about Hef? He’s fine with taking her back?
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