PSY Responds To Billie Joe ‘Who’s Green Day?’ Vows To Call Next Single ‘Herpes’

K-pop sensation, PSY, addressed derogatory comments made at his expense by Green Day frontman, druggy, Billie Joe Armstrong.

A FUSE reporter scored the first interview with the Korean rapper, asking him what he thought about Billie comparing him and his brand of music to a bad case of herpes,

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Our friends over at urban gossip website,, are saying, they are almost, completely, 100%, positive – that, wait for it.. Singer, superstar Alicia Keys is – With child! That’s right folks! If MTO is right, (this time,) Alicia Keys is pregnant! So really! Don’t quote me on that, unless it ends up being true, then do.

alicia keys 2013 met gala IS ALICIA KEYS PREGNANT?

just got PRETTY CLOSE TO A CONFIRMATION yesterday . . . that R&B superstar ALICIA KEYS IS PREGNANT.

Our antennae’s went UP earlier in the week when Alicia showed up at the Met Gala with a BIT OF A BUMP . . . . but we couldn’t get anyone to SPEAK ON IT.

But last night, we spoke to a CELEB INSIDER and FRIEND of Alicia’s that told us Alicia DID NOT HAVE A SIP OF ANYTHING ALCOHOLIC on Monday. And when our snitch asked Alicia if she was pregnant, Alicia SMILED and refused to answer the question.


Alicia already has one child with Beatz.

Just in case MTO is right I’ll say it.. Congratulations Alicia and um, Swizz!

Eminem has the number one record in the country

Eminem is tough.

Eminem is tough.

If you talk some smack about Nick Cannon’s wife or Kim Kardashian, you will sell 608,000 records in one week. That was at least one of the controversial techniques Eminem used in promoting his new record “Relapse”. The first new release from the multiplatinum rapper in 4 years successfully knocked Green Day out of the top position and cemented his place at the top of the charts. Bad publicity is still publicity and though he may have many critics/haters waiting in the wings for his fall, Mr. Mathers is still able to sell his own brand of teen and/or wife angst to the masses. Kudos to you Slim Shady.

Green Day The Musical!

A stage adaptation of the band’s highly successful American Idiot will be opening the 2009-10 season of the Berkeley Repertory Theater.

green day bomb Green Day The Musical!

Billie Joe Armstrong co-wrote the show’s book with Spring Awakening’s Michael Mayer.

Operating in the same rock opera/concept vein as The Who’s Tommy and Pink Floyd’s The Wall, American Idiot is “a nihilistic coming-of-age story drenched in post-9/11 paranoia” following “disaffected contemporary American Everykid Jesus of Suburbia as he morphs into violent, drug-dealing alter-ego St. Jimmy and falls for anarchist girlfriend Whatsername.”

WOW. I think Mariah Carey should also have her own musical. Wouldn’t that be awesome? (Not at all…not in the slightest). For some reason I give a pass to Green Day.  Maybe it can be really creative and unique. They should blow up idiots on the stage hahah. That’ll bring in the crowd!