Floyd Mayweather Jr Hires JUSTIN BIEBER To Play Daughter’s 13th B Day!

Can you say big M.O.N.E.Y? Boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather Jr just hired non other than JUSTIN BIEBER to perform at his daughter’s 13th birthday party! Cool I think! I told you guys celebs are for sale! Including MR ICON.. Just wave a little cash in their iconic faces!

Miguel Cotto v Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Money Mayweather’s ELDEST daughter turned 13 this weekend – and so the CHAMP made sure that she was WELL TAKEN CARE OF. In addition to flying in Justin Bieber (her favorite singer) and Kevin Hart (her favorite actor) to the event . . .

Floyd also brought her favorite rapper (Lil Kim). And that’s just the beginning. Floyd bought Iyana a $250K DIAMOND WATCH as a gift. It’s a ladies version of Floyd’s FAVORITE WATCH. So now Lil Mama can STUNT LIKE HER DADDY.. Source.

Floyd Mayweather Engagement Ring A Trinket – Compared To This Rock

This is the ring Floyd Mayweather put on his fiance’s finger and it surly proves his love for this woman and it also proves how deep the pockets are for Team Money. Now I know I’d sound jealous if I said anything about the rock not being a chart topper, it certainly is fantastic, but did Floyd give his lady the ultimate diamond engagement ring? Not by a long shot…

Floyd’s little trinket ring employs metal jointing to keep its diamonds intact:
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