NYC Restaurant Offers $20,000 Flashmob Marriage Proposal Experience

Would you be interested in a service that basically guarantees that your future significant other will say “yes” when you get down on one knee? A New York City restaurant says that they can at the very least greatly increase your chances of getting that “yes,” but this guarantee won’t come cheap, we’re talking a flashmob and $20,000 of not cheap…

French eaterie, Artisanal Fromagerie and Bistro, located in Midtown Manhattan, Will choreograph at least 30 dancers in a sneak attack flashmob directed at your perspective suitor. Plus you get to eat, drink and take home a video of the whole experience.

The pitch goes something like this,

‘You can make your planned proposal an unforgettable event with this elaborately staged – and completely unexpected – event.’

Buyers can choose what music track they would like the ‘award-winning choreographer’ to work with.

The person willing to slap down 20 grand on this extravagant marriage proposal stunt also gets to choose the music, which is a good thing considering you would not want a flash mob dancing to your date’s most-loathed song, that would be $20,000 of just plain irritating…