My Chemical Romance All I Want For Christmas Is You

Can you believe this MCR song was recorded way back in 2006? Back when America had to nickels to rub together and Tom from MySpace was king. Time flies!

300px Myspace 2010 logo.svg My Chemical Romance All I Want For Christmas Is You

While I’m talking about Tom, during his heyday he took a liking to a little band on Myspace called “My Chemical Romance.” Well Tom and his MySpace are history but what about MCR?  They are still going strong! Way to go boys!

Britney Spears Cameo Confirmed for Glee “Britney” Episode!

britney spears candies1 Britney Spears Cameo Confirmed for Glee Britney Episode!

It had been confirmed that Glee was making an episode revolved around Britney Spears, but just today, Glee creator Ryan Murphy confirmed to Seacrest that “Britney will be making a cameo on the show”. We at , also got word from an inside source today, that Britney is filming the Glee episode TODAY! Pretty exciting for all you crazy Britney fans!!!

Murphy said to Seacrest that the Spears-themed episode “is so reverential about her, and so kind, and it’s about her music and it’s not about her personal life, and I think Britney Spears is pop culture, and I think she’s been through a lot and I want to do something that sort of says, ‘Thank You’ for what you’ve done.”

American Idol In 60 Seconds

bilde American Idol In 60 Seconds

Adam Lambert- A- Danny Gokey-  B Allison I.-  A- Lil Rounds-  B Scott M-  C+

Kris Allen-  C+ Megan Joy-  D Matt Giraud-  A- Anoop- B+ Michael S. –  C

Some of you didn’t catch the show so I thought I’d give you a rundown:  It wasMow… week.  Smokey Robinson was in the house looking good for his age and dressed in slick brown leather pants! Barry Gordy was also visiting with a hot young thang as his girlfriend!  err….maybe that was his daughter. Nah…can’t be she’s too young. Anyways… I digress.

The absolute highlight was when Simon drew a mustache on Paula’s face. Can’t wait for a video on Youtube about it.  Simon had made a crack at Paula and so Paula gave him a coloring book and crayons so he can be the little 5 year old he wants to be.  At some point, Simon got a hold of a marker and drew a mustache on Paula’s face really quick during a performance. Priceless.

Adam lambert- best of the night (big surprise).  He sang “Tracks Of My Tears” in a very unique and cool way.

Adam Lambert

The next best on my list is Matt Giraud with a great rendition of “Let’s Get It On”

Matt G

Anoop, Alison and Lil Rounds did very well. Unfortunately for Megan Joy and Michael Sarver, they are failing big time lately and need to pick up the pace.  Actually Megan Joy was extremely painful to watch!

You’ll notice Danny Gokey was neither terrible or very good. He was only “so-so” and really needs to pick things up to rise over the rest. I love Danny Gokey so I hope he does something other than a lame easy song next week.

Scott and Kris Allen are going to be out within 2 weeks if they don’t do something different and unique in this competition. Disability or not… come on now. Get a new act besides the guitar Kris…and Scott needs a non-cheesy song for once.