27 Dead, 20 Students, Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting An American Tragedy

(Updates Below) At least 18 students have been killed in a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School located in Connecticut. The shooter is believed to be the father of one of the students. A second man was handcuffed at the scene. It is not known at this time if he had any involvement in the horrible incident.

Early reports put the death toll at a staggering 27 people, including 18 kids ranging from kindergarten through fourth grade. The shooter is said to be a 20-year-old male who was carrying at least two weapons.


Fallen principal may have used school PA system to broadcast own shooting as warning to others in the building.

Cops told kids to “close eyes” and “form train” to exit past fallen classmates.

Student witness: Gunshots broadcast over classroom speakers.

Third weapon recovered.

Reported shooter’s name, “Ryan” Lanza now said to be incorrect.

Officials: Shooter killed entire classroom full of kindergarden students.

Shooter From New Jersey… Mother lived in Conn. Parents divorced.

The shooter killed his own brother in New Jersey and then drove and killed a woman at a Connecticut home, said to be connected to the school, before going to the school and shooting his own mother and her entire classroom full of kindergarten students.

One of the adult victims is Ryan Lanza’s mother, who was a teacher at the school, sources told CBS. Some of the child victims were her students, sources said.

DrudgeReport: “Shooter Son Of Teacher At School”

CNN: Officially America’s worst school shooting exceeding Columbine.


Witness: “Dying principal, crawled in classrooms to warn others of shooter”

“Hero Principal was ‘new‘ to school”

Witness: “kids told shooting noise was ‘hammering‘”

Gov. rep, Occhiogrosso: “Gov. meeting with families.” “Governor took call from President Obama.”

State Police: “Shooter is dead in building.” “The public is not in danger.”

CNN Producer on scene: “Scores of inconsolable parents.” “Cops still searching door to door.”

Dozens of parents have converged at a nearby firehouse serving as a temporary morgue.

The Connecticut Post reports that police are also questioning a handcuffed man in connection with the shooting. Witnesses told the newspaper he was led out of the woods by officers.

Shortly after 9:40 a.m., authorities reported that a shooter was in the main office of the school. A person in one room had “numerous gunshot wounds,” police told the Hartford Courant.

A dispatcher at the Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps said a teacher was shot in the foot and taken to Danbury Hospital. Local news outlets also reported that the principal was among those shot.

Parent Lisa Procaccini told Fox News that her daughter was sitting in a classroom when she and others heard gun shots.

“She was in a small class — a reading group and they started hearing bangs,” Procaccini said. “Her teacher, and I’m grateful for this, rushed kids into the bathroom and locked the door. They told kids it was hammering and tried to keep them calm.”

“Children were crying,” Procaccini said. “She did tell me about a little boy that was in a police officer’s arms, bleeding. I don’t know if she gets it.”

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said two firearms were recovered from the scene.

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REPORT: School Shooter Father Of Student…


REPORT: School Shooter father of student…

CBS news is reporting,

Preliminary information that the gunman was the father of one of the students. Miller also says that at least a couple dozen people were shot.

The shooter was killed and apparently had two guns, a person with knowledge of the shooting said. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation was still under way. It is not known whether the shooter took his own life or was killed.


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