WEATHER SERVICE: Historic Blizzard Headed Toward Texas Panhandle

The National Weather Service is warning of a “historic blizzard” that may hit Amarillo, Lubbock and other parts of the Texas Panhandle this weekend, generating a staggering 15 inches of snow.

The Panhandle could receive 6 to 15 inches of the white stuff, with higher amounts possible in other areas of the region.

Texas Panhandle 15 Inches Of Snow

High winds could drive wind chill factor as low as 10 below zero and cause snow drifts several feet high. Continue reading

Dallas Love Airport Inbound Flights ON SECURITY HOLD

Love Field, Dallas, Texas, is on “security hold” Saturday night putting in limbo an untold number of inbound flights. Planes have been advised to avoid landing at the Northwest Dallas airport.

Southwest Airlines released a brief statement,

dallas love flights on hold

Our top priority is safety. Once cleared by security we will work diligently to get our passengers safely to their destinations as quickly as possible. Continue reading