NYC Fashionista Leaps To Own Death After BFF Dares On Facebook

This story is as sad as it is strange. A beautiful, young and wealthy girl jumps to her own death off the George Washington bridge, and it was all over a fight with her BFF… Did I mention, it was also her birthday? Her “friend” posted the following message just hours before she jumped:

“Go try to kill yourself on Xanax again, you unstable loser. Go f–k yourself and never speak to me again.”Ashley-Anne-Riggitano-a-New-York-Fashionsta-jumps-to-her-death-after-Facebook-argument3

Ashley Anne Riggitano, a New York fashionista, jumped to her death from the George Washington Bridge on Wednesday, after a heated Facebook argument with her best friend.

Ashley-Riggitano-picRiggitano, 22, allegedly was on Aderall and Klonopin when she jumped into the Hudson River at 4:40 p.m. on Jan. 6, which also happened to be her birthday, the Daily Mail reported.

According the several reports, Riggitano had gotten into a Facebook fight with her good friend Alison Tinari, who allegedly wrote her a post that’s being considered as a contributing factor in the suicide.2 Ashley-Anne-Riggitano-a-New-York-Fashionsta-jumps-to-her-death-after-Facebook-argument

The fashionista left a handwritten note found in her Louis Vuitton bag on the bridge. In the note, she stated that her “friends” were never there and were only interested in gossip. She also singled out four people she wanted excluded from her funeral.

A source has identified the four as Teresa Castaldo, Beth Bassil, Victoria Van Thunen and Samantha Horneff, Fox News reported.Ashley-Anne-Riggitano-a-New-York-Fashionsta-jumps-to-her-death-after-Facebook-argument

Van Thunen was Riggitano’s business partner at Missfits, a jewelry-design business.

Reports indicate this wasn’t the first time Riggitano attempted to commit suicide. Prescription drugs Adderall, used to treat ADHD, and Klonopin, an anti-panic drug, were also found in her bag.

Designer Alex Woo who employed Riggitano part-time said she appeared happy and was liked by everyone.


This takes playing “victim” a whole new level… Watch out for those pills and sippin’ syrup kiddies! They only delay your dreams from coming true!