Woman Who Cared For Bobbi Kristina Arrested Impersonating A Nurse

A woman who cared for Bobbi Kristina Brown while she was in hospice care is facing serious charges of impersonating a nurse.

A report says, Taiwo Sobamowo, a woman who was in charge of caring for Bobbi Kristina, was found to be impersonating a caregiver. The report does not mention how Sobamowo’s care may have been affected by Bobbi Kristina during her ill fated stay. The case is now being investigated by police in Duluth, Ga.

This photo provided by the Wake County (N.C.) Jail shows Taiwo Sobamowo. Police say Sobamowo, in charge of Bobbi Kristina Brown's care at the hospice where she died, was impersonating a nurse and faces charges that include identity fraud and nursing without a license. A Duluth police report obtained Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2015, by The Associated Press states that detectives have documents showing Sobamowo cared for Brown at Peachtree Christian Hospice outside Atlanta. (Wake County (N.C.) Jail via AP)

The case against Sobamowo began in September after investigators received a tip that raised questions about her. Continue reading

Intervention Starring Nick Gordon And Dr. Phil

Nick Gordon has officially entered rehab after appearing on an ambush episode of Dr. Phil. Gordon thought he thought was there for an interview.

Like an episode of Intervention, (the spectacle was organized by his mother,) Gordon agreed on the spot to enter a treatment facility. During the “interview” Nick ranted to Dr. Phil that he might kill himself if his girlfriend, Bobbi Kristina, does not fully recover.

bobbi kristina  accident scene

Gordon sat down with Dr. Phil in Atlanta earlier this week for what he thought would be an interview — but it was more like an intervention organized by Phil and Gordon’s mother. Continue reading

Bobbi Kristina Tweets: ‘Don’t Buy My Grandma’s Book’

BOBBI KRISTINA must think she is older and wiser than her own grandmother, Cissy Houston, because she just tweeting to 119,000 of her followers begging them to skip “Remembering Whitney” – Granny’s new tell-all book…


Cissy has been making the rounds promoting her book release called “Remembering Whitney,” but Bobbi was none too pleased,

“Anything concerning my grandmother’s book, I and @nickgordon of course personally have nothing to with,” continuing, “I haven’t read and won’t … I find it to be disrespectful to my mother and me being her daughter won’t tolerate it.”


Well Bobbi, I find it disrespectful for you to try and squash your OWN BLOOD’s hard work, especially when you show NO good judgement in your own life and do squat…