Timbaland Loses 130 Pounds Posts Before And After Photo

After years of dominating the charts, mega-producer Timbaland took some time off to lose 130 pounds.

Timbaland posted a before and after picture showing his dramatic weight loss to Instagram with the following caption:

Timbaland fat

This past eight months I’ve lost over 130 pounds. With a positive mindset I knew I had to take the initiative to make myself happy and healthy. Continue reading

Sam Smith Fans Worried After Singer Posts Scary Skinny Snap

Singer Sam Smith snapped amid weightloss concerns wearing a padded jacket while filing out of the Wiltern on Friday night in Los Angeles.

Smith, 23, recently worried his fans by posting a scary skinny photo to social media. The singer was shed a dramatic amount of weight over the past year.

sam smith weightloss

Sam has lost 50 pounds with the help of nutritionist Amelia Freer and has been open about his weight loss journey. Continue reading

Who Is Tamsin Wade? And How Did Plastic Surgery Make Her A Better Mum?

Tamsin Wade is the Suffolk, U.K. woman who says she had her breasts supersized because her before size, an uneven 32AA, got in the way of raising her two-year-old son.

But now that she has a boobjob, she’s basically feels like mother of the year..

Tamsin Wade

“Since having my boob job I have been so happy,” 19-year-old Tamsin Wade told the Daily Mail, “I was unable to go swimming with Finley as I felt so self-conscious. Continue reading

Who Is This Lana Del Rey Chick?

I know you’ve seen this ‘paid for name’ in headlines! I’ll tell you why.Lana Del Rey’s real name is Lizzie Grant, who was a plain-jane, failing musician until she got plastic surgery, a name change and Interscope Records to back her.

Lizzie seemed like a sweet girl, who had sweet dreams and a sweet sense of optimism. Now, since she changed herself into what some say is ‘Illuminati based’, she’s bitchy, cold and lifeless- sporting injected lips!

Continue reading