Tommy Chong: Cancer’s Back

Tommy Chong revealed on social media that he is again battling cancer.

Chong said in a tweet, “I have good news and bad news. First the bad news, the cancer came back and it’s a real pain in the butt. The good news is I now have to use more marijuana to treat the cancer.”

tommy chong cancer

“I’ve had some medical issues lately,” Chong, 77, told Us Weekly on Tuesday. “I got diagnosed with rectal cancer.” Continue reading

Natural Cures Author Kevin Trudeau Gets 10 YEARS IN PRISON Over Not Paying Fine

Kevin Trudeau, the TV pitchman known for authoring books on natural cures and weight-loss remedies – “they don’t want you to know about,” has been sentenced to a staggering ten years in prison after a judge found him in contempt of court over his refusal to comply with previous orders to pay a $37.6 million fine.

Kevin Trudeau book

Clearly frustrated U.S. District Judge Ronald Guzman cited Trudeau’s history of fraud, saying in his ruling,

“He has treated federal court orders as if they were mere suggestions… or at most impediments to be sidestepped, outmaneuvered or just ignored… That type of conduct simply cannot stand.” Continue reading

Jennifer Aniston Weird ‘Cupping’ Marks Spark Illness Concerns

Here we see Jennifer Aniston with some unidentified marks on her back. Some softball websites and magazines are calling them harmless “cupping” marks, however, some fans are becoming increasingly concerned due to the fact the marks are also a sign someone is desperately trying to fight off a serious illness. Think, Andy Kaufman.. Or even, Steve Jobs.. Enough said.. Many Hollywood actors and the elite in general seek out the help of radical alternative medicine when facing a serious illness. Let’s hope this is NOT the case with Aniston!