Hollywood Needs You! German Super Cars Feel Economic Wrath Too

What would Hollywood be without Porsche, BMW and Audi??? Celebrities Britney Spears, Jay-Z, Beyonce and the Beckhams have all been seen driving Porsche.

German carmakers made another move to cut output levels towards the end of the year to offset slumping demand as the global economic crisis prompts consumers and companies to closely monitor their finances.
* Porsche schedules 8 days of production stops at main plant

* Volkswagen may stop production in Wolfsburg for 3 weeks

* Audi says production halts are a precaution

* BMW says will cut further 400 temporary jobs in Leipzig

* Porsche shares down 8.8 pct, VW down 17.7 pct

(Adds Audi production stops, BMW temporary job cuts)

Beyonce & Jay-Z in Porsche

Beyonce & Jay-Z in Porsche

Sports car maker Porsche halted production at its headquarters in the southern German town of Zuffenhausen, for one day on Nov. 21, and planned to stop assembly for another seven days until end-January.

Volkswagen, in which Porsche holds 42.6 percent of the shares, earlier said it was also considering suspending production, eyeing a three-week halt at its main Wolfsburg plant from Dec. 18 until Jan. 11.

VW luxury vehicle unit Audi followed suit. A spokesman for the company said the carmaker’s orders have been stable, and the production halts were preventative measures.

Domestic peer BMW had suspended production at its factory in Leipzig for a week last month and is currently operating only one shift a day there.

The company now plans to cut 400 further temporary workers in Leipzig, in addition to previously announced plans to cut 8,100 full-time jobs around the world, a spokesman for the company stated.

Rihanna T.I.’s Live Your Life song is a RIP-OFF

Can any of this mainstream POP, HIP-HOP or even ROCK go get their OWN ORIGINALITY???

O-Zone Album cover

Since we are familiar with all genres of music here at ThecounT.com, we can spot a RIP right away! The hook from the new Rihanna and T.I. song “Live Your Life” was taken from European Dance group “O-Zone”.

TI & Rihanna

The ORIGINAL song by O-Zone is named “Dragostea Din Tei”.

O-Zone’s hook is the EXACT same!

Ma-ia hii
Ma-ia huu
Ma-ia hoo
Ma-ia haha

Watch and listen to the “O-Zone” version: CLICK HERE

Now Watch and listen to the Rihanna & T.I. version: CLICK HERE

You didn’t actually think Rhianna and T.I. came up with that hook themselves did ya?