Who Is Rachel Lindsay? How Old Is She? And Did She Get The First Nick Viall Impression Rose?

Rachel Lindsay is The Bachelor contestant who was the recipient of the first impression rose on the premiere episode of the 2017 season. This beautiful Marquette University Law School graduate promises to get lots of courting time during this season of the popular hookup show.

Dallas born, Lindsay, 31, clocks in at one of the few girls this season that is considered “age appropriate” for the four time Bachelor alum, 36-year-old, Nick Viall. And Lindsay’s no cheap date, this smarty pants sports a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and sports management.

Lindsay, she wins a group date rose from star Nick Viall and she continues to impress him throughout the season. If you do NOT want to know any spoilers on Lindsay or the outcome of the show this season, then STOP READING NOW. Otherwise, let’s carry on with the background on Lindsay … This girl definitely has smarts, having graduated with a degree in Kinesiology and Sports Management, as well as law. Continue reading