Is Casey Anthony Now Living With THIS MAN? And Who Was Caylee’s REAL Father?

In her first interview since being acquitted in 2011 over the death of her young daughter, Caylee, Casey Anthony met with the Associated Press as she protested against President Donald Trump at a Palm Beach rally. During the interview, Anthony said she still has her own questions regarding the death of her child.

In the interview, Anthony, now 30, failed to solve the second biggest mystery of the case, who was Caylee’s real father? She did reveal she’s been living with Patrick J. McKenna, the private investigator who worked for the defense in her murder case.

67-year-old McKenna, a West Palm Beach private detective, has a resume chalk full of famous clients. His most famous perhaps representing the defense as its lead investigator in the O.J. Simpson trial. Like Simpson, the Anthony case also ended with her acquittal. Continue reading