M.I.A SUED WHOPPING 1.5MIL Over NFL Middle Finger Stunt!

A Middle Finger Stunt Calls For Desperate Measures: M.I.A sued by the NFL for $1.5 million

The National Football League (NFL) has secretly on-the-record (if that’s even possible) sued Sri Lankan rapper, M.I.A., for an insulting middle finger stunt she did on national TV while performing with Madonna to “Give Me all your Luvin.”

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Charo: “Lady Gaga is Like Madonna with Diarrhea”


Actress, singer, and comedian “Charo” told Good Day New York this morning: “I see Lady Gaga like Madonna with diarrhea.”

“The voice is gifted because she is so powerful with the voice…but why does she have to remind people of Madonna? Why don’t she go her own self? I never copy nobody.”

“I was me and I created something that was me. I can not feel comfortable being a copy of other people.”
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