RICHMOND, VA. (THECOUNT) — As hundreds of I-95 drivers waited desperately for help Tuesday after being stranded all night in freezing temperatures along a 90-mile stretch of highway between Washington D.C. and Richmond, Virginia, many wondered why the National Guard was not deployed to the scene and why a State Of Emergency was not yet declared.

Bruce Lashan of WUSA9 called in to a presser held by VDOT and the VA State Police and asked why the National Guard had not yet been deployed:


“The National Guard clearly has a ton of heavy equipment wreckers and other pieces of equipment that could help get these folks cleared off the highway, did anyone recommend to the governor that the National Guard be deployed to help get this road cleared an help these people?”

The disabled trucks triggered a chain reaction Monday as other vehicles lost control and blocked lanes in both directions of Interstate 95.

As hours passed and night fell, motorists posted messages on social media about running out of fuel, food and water. Around daybreak, road crews began helping drivers get off “at any available interchange to get them,” the Virginia Department of Transportation tweeted.

Thousands of folks on Twitter and other social media outlets are blaming Gov-elect Glenn Youngkin over an massive ongoing 90-mile snow-related traffic logjam on Interstate 95 in the Virginia/D.C. area, there’s just one little problem, Youngkin will not even be sword in until January 15th.

The misdirected anger toward Youngkin was so prevalent on Twitter, “Youngkin” was a top trending hashtag.