FARGO, ND. (THECOUNT) — The remains of missing Fargo woman, Brenda Kartes, have been located and identified, according to Fargo Police on Thursday.

The remains of Kartes, 32, were located near a river in south Fargo last week.


Fargo Police said the remains were found near the river on August 22nd in the 2100 block of 5th St. S in Fargo, which is near the Minnesota border.

Brenda’s skeletal remains were found by employees of a nearby cemetery which they say, were in plain view. Police say her death is suspicious in nature and are continuing to investigate. They say they believe there are people who have additional information on her death. They are urging anyone who knows anything in her disappearance or death to contact them, reports ValleyNewsLive.

Police say they do not have a cause of death because the medical examiner couldn’t find one.

Kartes was last seen around 1:30 p.m. on July 12, 2018, in the area around 3501 Westrac Drive in Fargo, North Dakota. There were differing accounts that indicate she may have been headed toward Lindenwood Park and/or Texas.

On the one year-anniversary of Kartes’ disappearance, her family told Valley News Live that in the days prior to her disappearance, Kartes told them she was scared. Her family said they didn’t know what was causing it, but Kartes told them she was very worried and fearful.

“She was extremely scared of something. We tried to ask more into it and she wouldn’t say anything,” Brenda’s mom, Lynn Kartes said.


Geo quick facts: Fargo is a city in North Dakota. The Plains Art Museum exhibits regional, contemporary and Native American works in a revamped old warehouse. Modern and vintage airplanes are on display at the Fargo Air Museum, spread over 2 hangars. The nearby Fargodome is an indoor stadium hosting college football games, concerts and theatrical shows. Red River Zoo shelters cold climate species such as red pandas and gray wolves – wikipedia.