GREENVILLE, SC. (THECOUNT) — FBI officials have not disclosed the reason for a Tuesday morning raid at the Pain Management Associates facilities in Easley, Greenville and one other location in South Carolina, but a patient who walked into the action recounted what she observed.

Three locations of a pain management group were swarmed by deputies and FBI agents Tuesday morning, and now a patient, who had an appointment at one of the raided clinics, located at at 1005 Grove Rd. in Greenville, is speaking out on exactly what she saw.


“There are deputies parked in both entrances and a big black forensics truck parked in the entry way. They waved and smiled at me nicely, so I parked and went in because I wasn’t sure what was going on. There were at least 20-40 plain clothed agents in the lobby, many with bullet proof vests on and the staff was in the lobby.

“Many of the staff were crying, and individual interviews were being conducted in the chairs with clipboards, etc.

“A woman who almost looked like a nurse or doctor asked me if I worked there. I told her I was a patient. She went and talked to a man who was standing in the front of the room, arms crossed and clearly looking in charge. She came back and told me that she didn’t think they needed me and someone would call me in the next few days.

“As I was leaving, a forensic guy was placing a huge cloth, bio-hazard bag into a big trash can and there were tables set up with gloves and envelopes. He couldn’t tell me what was going on.” source

Pain Management Associates has offices in Anderson, Arden, Easley, Florence, Greenville, Irmo, Myrtle Beach, Spartanburg, Sumter and Waynesville. It is not clear where the third search warrant was used.

Don Wood, with the FBI field office in Columbia, confirmed that search warrants were exercised at three Pain Management locations, but he did not provide any other information.

The Greenville Pain Management office was in the news in June when Dr. Blake Leche and his wife, physician assistant Amanda Leche, were arrested after they were accused of using blank pre-signed prescriptions for opioids.