BURBANK. CA. (THECOUNT) — Marion ‘Pooch’ Hall was arrested on Wednesday for DUI and felony child endangerment after allegedly letting his 2-year-old son drive because he was too drunk to steer.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ, Hall, who plays Daryll, on Showtime’s “Ray Donovan,” was operating a vehicle in Burbank at around 7:30 PM when witnesses called 911 after observing the toddler in his lap gripping the steering wheel.


We’re told the witnesses were horrified to watch the car veer off and smash into a parked car. Thankfully, there were no injuries. One eyewitness tells us he saw the child crying in the front seat. The eyewitness says he looked in the window and the car seat was just laying among the junk in the back seat. It was not installed. source

No one was injured during the incident.

“Ray Donovan is a “fixer” for Hollywood’s elite. He is the go-to guy that the city’s celebrities, athletes and business moguls call to make their problems disappear. It’s a much more lucrative job than his previous work as a ruthless South Boston thug, vaulting him within reach of the truly wealthy and powerful. But no amount of money or the expensive things it can buy can completely mask Ray’s past, a past that continues to haunt him with troubled brothers always calling and his father’s recent release from 20 years spent in prison. Now a free man, Ray’s father, Mickey, arrives in Los Angeles to get what he feels is rightfully his. Mickey’s desire to reconnect and settle old scores with his family — including Ray’s wife and kids, who have never met the family’s patriarch and are anxious to get to know him — threatens to destroy everything Ray has built for himself.”

The incident came hours before a PA man was sentenced Thursday to 15 years behind bars for letting his 11-year-old daughter drive his vehicle because he was too intoxicated.

Sean Hannon, 49, of Dunmore, was found guilty in July of child endangerment, DUI, and other charges.

He was sentenced today to seven to 15 years behind bars.

Hannon’s wild ride ended in a serious crash.