Rupert Murdoch‘s The Simpsons will totally go there there this Sunday.. Entitled “100 Days,” the episode of the long running FOX cartoon depicts White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, committing suicide.

In the ultra dark episode, Spicer is briefly shown hanging from a rope while Kellyanne Conway passes him by. The Press Secretary is holding a sign reading “I QUIT.”


In a teaser tweeted by The Simpsons official account, Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner are shown strangling one another. President Donald Trump’s hair is also prominently featured, apparently as a character of its own.

Via Esquire:

What’s particularly fascinating about this development is that Rupert Murdoch is arguably one of Trump’s influencers. In fact, over the weekend, the New York Times reported that Trump and Murdoch speak on the phone every week, “encouraging Mr. Trump when he’s low.” The Times also noted that the president’s relationship with Murdoch “is deeper and more enduring than most in his life.

Esquire went on to emphasize Murdoch’s culpability in the tasteless episode;

This clip seems particularly dark. Naturally, The Simpsons doesn’t exactly reflect many of Murdoch’s conservative ideals, and it’s always been a liberal island in a Murdoch empire. However, how will this influence Trump and Murdoch’s relationship? Will the president call him angrily or tweet about “the failing” Simpsons?

Do you think Homer and his crew have finally gone too far? Or is it all in good humor? Comment below!