REVIEW “FREE TV KEY” You’ve Seen The Commercial But Does It Really WORK?

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You’ve seen the commercials, a gadget that promises you the pleasures of 100 percent free TV. But are the lofty claims of the “FREE TV KEY” really true? Read on..

Internet ads for the seemingly clever device tout: “Stop paying for expensive cable bills, save thousands a years with FREE TV KEY by Clear TV. You can watch broadcast network shows at no cost, FREE! Your TV now will receive top network shows, weather, local news, sporting events and more!”


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The FREE TV KEY pitch continues guaranteeing total TV bliss “Enjoy watching thousands of channels with your family in vivid HD & digital signals. No contracts, no monthly fees, & no unexpected rate increases!” Later in the advertisement, the number of channels is revised to “100s” of channels which also may still be a stretch.

  • Watch 100s of FREE HD & Digital TV Channels
  • Plugs into Any TV
  • No Contracts, Monthly Fees, or Price Hikes!
  • Crystal Clear Picture
  • No Ugly Antenna
  • Take it to the Beach or on a Boat!
  • Works as Long as You Have Power
  • Bypass Cable & Satellite Companies
  • Fast & Easy Setup—Just Plug it In!

Conclusion: Turns out, FREE TV KEY (formally known as Clear TV Key,) is a plug-and-play device that can be tricky installing on wall mounted monitors. The fact is, FREE TV KEY is nothing more than an updated version of the trusty “Rabbit Ears” type antenna. Unlike the advertisment’s claims, you will likely receive “dozens” of stations. And to be clear, the FREE TV KEY doesn’t really “unlock” anything, unless you count the “unlocking” of broadcast stations that were already there flowing free in the air, as mandated by the U.S. government.. Users of FREE TV KEY often say the device fails to acquire ALL area stations and since it is hard-mounted, there is no way to move it in hopes of catching a hard to receive station, like you would the ears of an old-fashion set-top antenna.

On a positive note, FREE KEY TV, is a nice clean solution that eliminates those pesky wires and equally unsightly set-top antennas.

Did you fall for buy the FREE TV KEY? Does it work for you? Comment below and let us know!

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  • Violet Mason

    Regarding the key for the TV I have two Clear TV antenna’s and I receive bad reception on both. Not all the time but still its a headache. Makes me wonder that if I purchase the freeview if it would do the same. Only because the description states its basically a rabbit ears antenna.