Parents are outraged after elementary school students in Chicago were given a quiz on Chief Keef’s background and criminal history.

A teacher at Fiske Elementary School in Chicago gave students a quiz on one of the city’s most infamous rappers, Keef, who parents say is anything but a model citizen.


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According to a Youtube video, students were quizzed on such things as knowing the criminal history of the Glo Gang leader. “I had never heard of him,” one parent, Katrina Sanders, says. “But after careful research I found out that his music is about having sex, using the ‘B’ word, anti-police, and supporting gangs.” h/t hotnewhiphop

Questions included:
Where was he placed on house arrest?
Who shot Chief Keef when he was 16?
What Kanye West song was Chief Keef featured on?
At what age did he stop attending school?
What was Chief Keef debut album?
What year was “Bang” release?

It’s unclear where the lesson came from and whether or not students selected Keef as their subject. The teacher was reportedly suspended by the principal, saying the Keef quiz was not “age-appropriate material.”