George Lopez: If Trump Wins We’ll All Go Back Home

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George Lopez, known for passing out cold on casino floors, was asked by a TMZ reporter for his thoughts on Donald Trump‘s Mexican comments.

The comedian took the air-time to ask all Latinos to boycott the presidential hopeful, speaking directly to his people in spanish. He went on to say, “If Trump gets elected, we’ll all go home.”

George Lopez If Trump Wins We'll All Go Back Home 2


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Lopez blasted Trump Monday afternoon in Bev Hills … telling us he’s personally done with Trump — he won’t golf at his courses anymore, and wouldn’t even consider replacing him on “Celebrity Apprentice” because he’s not taking Trump’s leftovers. Watch, George clearly ain’t voting Trump, but acknowledges there are plenty of people who will — and even warns Donald … Jeb isn’t the Bush he needs to worry about.

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  • limpy

    See you later George and don’t forget to write.

  • William

    At least I don’t go straight to insults, have a nice day sir

  • AndrewInterrupted

    You’re so full of mierda, your eyes are marrón.

  • William

    Ok I don’t drink kool aid, I’m Puerto Rican, if you have an issue sharing the country with Hispanics, your forefathers should have made us a Country instead of a commonwealth during the Spanish-American war. Also more White cops kill Black people than one or two rare cases. It’s still wrong but you see the other almost every day on the news

  • AndrewInterrupted

    The peasant cultures invading us don’t believe in “…freedom for every man, woman, and child. That’s why it’s called ‘The 3rd World’.

    And how would the U.S. survive if the entire planet of 7 billion people were American citizens? And where is the line/limit? As soon as you draw it–you’re a racist.

    Leave? My family bled out for those freedoms since the revolution. You’ll be the one with the boot in your azzzz, you white guilt, Kool-Aid slurpin’ punk.

  • William

    Racists like you are what are ruining this nation. Whatever happened to freedom for every man woman and child? Why don’t you leave and take you racist beliefs with you, take those racist cops with you too, maybe that way Black people will stop dying. And on your way out maybe you can give a better compensation to the Natives who you raped, pillaged and gave diseases to than those Casinos.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    And please spread that wisdom to all your greaserito buddies, George.

    Leave Western Civilization to the westerners who built it.

    We just aren’t that into you.