Freestyle skier, Jamie Crane-Mauzy, was placed in a medical induced coma after a crash landed her in critical condition.

Jamie was competing at a WSI on Saturday when she was injured attempting a double flat on the kicker.


Jamie Crane-Mauzy crash

Jamie’s sister has been keeping everyone updated on her facebook page. “Jamie was airlifted to Vancouver General Hospital reportedly in critical condition. Today, family members met with physicians to discuss the results of her most recent neurological tests and assessments. Further tests will be conducted today and in coming days. A fearless flier, Jamie has touched many lives, not only challenging the boundaries of her sport, but through her bubbly personality and effortless ability to light up every room she entered. At this time, her family asks for your continued get-well wishes, love and positive support for Jamie to be shared here.” h/t unofficialnetworks

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