Need a few good movies and TV shows to binge watch along with that Pumpkin Spice latte? Netflix has got you covered.

Here is the full list debuting throughout the month of October.



TV Shows:

“The 100,” Season 1″ (Available Oct. 22)
“Arrow,” Season 2 (Available Oct. 8)
“The Carrie Diaries,” Season 2 (Available Oct. 23)
“Freakshow,” Season 2 (Available Oct. 23)
“The Following,” Season 2 (Available Oct. 7)

“Gilmore Girls”
“Hart Of Dixie,” Season 3 (Available Oct. 7)
“Hostages,” Season 1
“Last Man Standing,” Season 3 (Available Oct. 18)
“The Originals,” Season 1 (Available Oct. 3)
“Raising Hope,” Season 4 (Available Oct. 7)
“Reign,” Season 1 (Available Oct. 2)
“Sons Of Anarchy,” Season 6 (Available Oct. 23)
“Supernatural,” Season 9 (Available Oct. 7)
“The Tomorrow People,” Season 1 (Available Oct. 9)
“The Vampire Diaries,” Season 5 (Available Oct. 2)


“A Long Way Down” (Available Oct. 9)
“Annie: A Royal Adventure”
“Bad Johnson”
“Before I Go To Sleep” (Available Oct. 31)
“Bound By Flesh” (Available Oct. 28)
“Breathe In” (Available Oct. 11)
“The Boxcar Children” (Available Oct. 3)
“Carrie” (Available Oct. 2)
“Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle”
“Chelsea Handler: Uganda Be Kidding Me” (Available Oct. 10)
“Chicken Run”
“Cowgirls n’Angels” (Available Oct. 16)
“Django Unchained” (Available Oct. 23)
“Domestic Disturbance”
“E-Team” (Available Oct. 22)
“Ernest Saves Christmas”
“Finding Forrester”
“Galaxy Quest”
“Heatstroke” (Available Oct. 11)
“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” (Available Oct. 22)
“In A World” (Available Oct. 7)
“Jay Mohr: Funny For A Girl” (Available Oct. 8)
“Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius”
“Kramer vs. Kramer”
“Liberal Arts” (Available Oct. 18)
“Little Man” (Available Oct. 6)
“My Father The Hero”
“Paths Of Glory”
“Please Subscribe: A Documentary About YouTubers”
“Rain Man” (Available Oct. 31)
“Rescue Dawn”
“Romeo + Juliet”
“Shadow Of The Vampire
“Sleepless In Seattle”
“Stay” (Available Oct. 14)
“Swelter” (Available Oct. 11)
“The Phantom Of The Opera”
“Team America: World Police”
“Three Fugitives”
“Tim Minchin And The Heritage Orchestra Live” (Available Oct. 15)
“Under The Electric Sky: EDC 2013” (Available Oct. 2)
“The Wedding Planner”
“Witching & Bitching” (Available Oct. 14)
“Why Stop Now” (Available Oct. 11)
“Wyatt Cenac: Brooklyn” (Available Oct. 21)