Hugh Jackman may have a well-sculpted arse, but that doesn’t mean kids want to see it.. Including Jackman’s own kids..



Jackman bared it all for a scene in “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” and his kids were less than thrilled that they had to sit through the movie featuring their dad’s rear end..

“Watching the movie with my daughter… of course I forgot about that scene,” Jackman told MTV News, “and I forgot what it’s like, and she was like ‘Oh dad, gross!’ ”

At least his daughter was able to speak afterward; Jackman’s son may or may not have been traumatized by the sight.

“My son was watching with six of his mates,” Jackman said. “He’s 13, almost 14, he just can’t even talk about that.” source

See kids, next time you wish your dad was a movie star, just think about going to the movies and seeing his backside along with your best buds. Awk. Ward.


“I’ve tried to get it out there in all the other films, and they just keep cutting it out,” Jackman said. “Maybe I just worked out harder, the tan was better.”

Is Jackman conveniently forgetting he played a recent role with a huge nutsack attached to his neck?

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