Just a few hours into her very first shift, a 911 operator received a call notifying her that her own father was going into diabetic shock.911-operator

Without warning, Crystal Morrow received a 911 call from a voice she thought she recognised. That voice ended up being her aunt, who had no idea it was her on the other end.


“I heard her voice and I saw her name pop up on the screen I said ‘wait that is my aunt,'” Morrow told My Fox Philly.

While Morrow told WAGA-TV she initially froze, her training soon kicked in. Here’s how the call went, according to My Fox Philly:

Crystal: “I will get the paramedics started. Are you with him now?”

Aunt: “Yes I am”

Crystal: “And is he awake?”

Aunt:”Yes he is.”

Crystal: “Stay on the line and I will tell you exactly what to do next” source

Morrow then stayed on the line until the paramedics she dispatched arrived and revived her father, USA Today reports.

Morrow’s trainer, Danielle Harvey, told WAGA-TV that she handled the call well. Harvey put this exact scenario — taking a call from a family member — into the operators’ training, and she’s now up for a national award.