Philip Seymour Hoffman overdosed on Ace Of Spades, a brand of heroin that has thankfully been absent from NYC streets since 2008, say cops. The death scene reflected Hoffman using heroin recently, including a needle still stuck in the actor’s arm..
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THE POST: Cops found five empty glassine envelopes in a garbage can, two more under the bed and one on a table in the apartment, where Hoffman — who has repeatedly struggled with substance abuse — was living recently, sources said. Cops also found a charred spoon in the kitchen sink, sources say.


“He was shooting up in the bathroom,” a law-enforcement source said. The envelopes were marked “Ace of Spades,” which sources said is a brand of heroin that hasn’t been seen on the streets since around 2008 in Brooklyn. There was no note, and Hoffman’s death is believed to be accidental. The building is less than three blocks from the three-bedroom, 2-1/2-bath apartment on Jane Street that Hoffman, 46, and O’Donnell, a costume designer, bought for $4.4 million in 2008.

Very sad news that has indeed shocked the world. There were claims Hoffman had been clean for decades, only suffering a setback in 2012. Old habits die hard.

E! is reporting that the actor grabbed dinner at West Village eatery Automatic Slims with two other men around 7 p.m.

According to a manager at the restaurant, the critically acclaimed actor had a cheeseburger and a cranberry soda while one of his friends enjoyed dinner with a beer. You have to wonder who that “friend” really was.. Hoffman’s was found dead after relatives became concerned when he failed to pick up his children on a scheduled visit.

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