Justin Bieber may have picked the wrong dog to fight (as in, spat upon) because a simple Google maps overhead view shows his accuser is packing one huge, honking hamm of a house! Matter-of-fact, from the looks of it, Dude’s house is at least twice as large as Bieber’s crib and, “tennis anyone?” Just another thing this guy can say – that Biebs cannot… This story is a Proud TheCount.com Exclusive

justin bieber house


So what does the size of the guy’s house have to do with anything? Simple, it screams the fact that money will not play in as a factor, in other words, Bieber may not be able to pay his way out of this mess… So questions are, will Justin’s fame buy him a free pass after spitting in this ridiculously rich dude’s face? Or will rich dude’s dollars trump Biebs power? Only the shadow knows…


Several prosecutors in the D.A.’s Office tell TMZ … spitting crimes are taken seriously for 2 reasons — first, it’s considered an extremely aggressive and “disgusting act,” and second, it poses potentially serious health concerns. TMZ.

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