I think it’s safe to say that, “Un-break My Heart,” singer Toni Braxton has had her share of problems, and now she might be spending Christmas in the hospital with a lupus related illness.


My friend’s mom has lupus and let me tell you this is a fairly serious disease, fairly serious as in, it can kill you, but Braxton is keeping a stiff upper lip by tweeting her fans her condition stating she was admitted for “minor health issues,” adding,¬†“But no worries!, I will be out any day now.”

Braxton, 45, revealed she had lupus a few years ago after inheriting the deadly disease from her uncle and her medical woes don’t stop there, she also suffers from a narrowing of the blood vessel in her heart.

Lupus is not only affecting Braxton’s health, it is also affecting the singer’s career,¬†helping push her into a recent bankruptcy by limiting the amount of times she can preform yearly.

Here at TheCount.com we wish Braxton a speedy recovery — in the health and financial departments.